Alive In Athens With Iced Earth – Day 6

January 26th, 1999

This became the day of rest. Not too much happened. The main thing was that we moved to a different hotel. Apparently everyone wasn’t too pleased with the first one, so we went to a new one a few blocks away. Of course, it took all morning and some of the afternoon to get everyone roused out of bed, get checked out, and checked in at our new place. At least it gave the fans there plenty of time to get all the autographs they wanted, although that didn’t mean they didn’t follow us to the new hotel. A group of us discovered a very cool place at dinner that night, it was a very “local” joint called Ambrosia, and basically no one there spoke any English, which always means that it’s the best place to eat. And of course it was. They gave us all sorts of free food too.

When we got back from dinner, almost everyone was just hanging out in the hallway by our hotel rooms, when all of a sudden this crazy masked man explodes out of a room wielding an ax and spraying everyone and everything with a Spiderman web-shooter loaded with Silly String. Of course it turned out to be Brent, pulling out some of his after-tour tricks. Someone from the hotel told us to quiet down because we were laughing so much, but of course we didn’t pay much attention. A little later, we all just headed down to the hotel bar to have some drinks. After being down there a LONG time, I noticed that it was 5:30 A.M., and decided to go up to bed. I fell asleep, and…..

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