Iron Maiden Dream Concert

November 5th, 2002

Just a goofy dream (in the most literal sense) that I had:

Iron Maiden was playing at some sort of college auditorium. Not an arena-sized place, but it could probably hold at least 5000 people. It was pretty packed, and I got there kinda late (I believe I had been looking for a class I was supposed to be attending), so my spot wasn’t that great. Maiden came out and started kicking ass, but almost immediately, people started getting bored and flooding out of the place. Me and my friends took the opportunity to go right up to the front of the stage, which was much closer than you could normally get at a Maiden show these days. By that time, there were probably about 15 people left, all in a single row at the front of the stage, but half of them were looking pretty bored too. Maiden was still giving their all though. Apparently Maiden was opening for Iced Earth (?), so I remember wondering if everyone was just unimpressed by the opening act, and if they’d all come back for the headliner. I never got to find out, because after about another song, I got bored too, and decided to leave. As I was riding away on my bike and winding through campus, I could clearly hear them start to play Bruce Dickinson’s “Gypsy Road”. That’s one of my favorite songs from Bruce, so I was pretty pissed that I had left and couldn’t go back. Plus, if Maiden was playing Bruce Dickinson songs, who knew what other kind of cool shit they’d have in the setlist? Luckily, I had no problem hearing the entire song, even though I continued riding away from the venue. At one point, I passed a guy who was walking and singing along to the song, but he had some of the lyrics wrong, so I corrected him.

Yep, that was about it!

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