Alive In Athens With Iced Earth – Day 8

January 27th, 1999

The next morning everyone got to see a bit of the island, as we walked around looking for a bank to change money at. It’s quite a magical place, it almost doesn’t seem real. I definitely wish I could have seen more of it, but we had to catch the ferry back. This time, everyone was a bit more sober, and some people just slept. Also, it was a nicer day, so we were able to spend more time up on deck. The trip itself is really very nice, you go right by all sorts of islands. I really wish I would have had my camera for it.

We finally arrived back at our hotel that evening (after an hour long cab ride from the ferry), and reality came back to us as Jon and Matt were once again mobbed by the fans. Most of the group that didn’t go with us wasn’t too pleased at us running off like that without much notice, but they seemed to get over it. And they’d had a good time the previous day as well, and seen some stuff that I would have liked to have seen. Apparently they’d also eaten at Ambrosia a couple more times, so we all went there together once more for our final meal in Greece. Once again, they seemed very pleased to see us there, even serving us complimentary lamb’s heads this time around. Yum! Then everyone went to the Plaka to pick up gifts for people back home, and I went back to the hotel and called it a night.

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