Alive In Athens With Iced Earth – Day 9

January 28th, 1999

Everyone got up early for the trip out. Leaving Greece actually seemed to go much smoother than leaving the U.S. A few fans even made it to the airport to see us off. Thankfully we were on Delta for the flight back over the ocean, so it was much nicer this time, although it was still at least 24 hours worth of travel. When we arrived back at Indianapolis, at about 7 P.M., Jimmy went to go bring Jon’s van by to pick up the equipment. It was taking him forever to get back, and finally we learned that the battery was dead. So Larry and Wendi stayed at the airport with the equipment while everyone else went back to Franklin (20 minutes away) so Matt could pick up another truck and go back and get the equipment. Not the greatest ending to the trip, but compared to all the great times we’d had over the previous week, it wasn’t a big deal at all.

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